Founded by art collector Keiko Kai, Saian gallery started its roots in Chiba, Japan in 1984, then moving to Tokyo’s prestigious Aoyama neighborhood to be closer to our patrons. We now work from Paris, Milan and Tokyo.

The name Saian 彩菴 (colored hermitage) comes from Keiko’s wish that even a small place could be colored and decorated in a certain way – same as a Japanese tea ceremony room. Japanese value their four distinct seasons, as reflected on Japanese art pieces.

We offer japanese lacquer ware, Arita and Kutani ware as well as bamboo works in order to make your home with elegance for every season. Each piece is carefully selected. All are all hand made by Japanese artists, established ones as well as up and coming. You can see images of some of our collections on this site . We also collaborate with our collectors in a variety of forms including selection and placement of arts. Please contact us for further details.

Gallery Saian    Mizue KAI




 彩菴 甲斐 瑞枝